Basava Jayanti on May 05, 2018 at Livermore Temple

Please join the VSNA-NC family in celebrating a remarkable day in the history – Basava Jayanti.

When: 05-May-2018 (Saturday) at 9.00AM to 2.00PM
Where: Livermore Temple, 1232 Arrowhead Ave.  Livermore,    CA 94551

Our upcoming event Basava Jayanthi (5th May in Livermore temple) is just around the corner. Please mark your calendar and don’t miss many more fun filling activities and here are some of the highlights of event.

1. Rich cultural programs including award won Bharatanatya, creative Basavanna drama, fancy dress and etc.
2. Nachiketh yakkundi Basavanna Vachana program
3. Bavanna statue inauguration
4. Kids and youth competitions
5. Rotti and Ennegayi oota

Please come forward and donate generously for this event. Your support and contribution goes a long way in serving the community and our commitment toward Basava preaching.

VSNA 2018 committee


The giver of food is the giver of life, and indeed of everything else. One who desires well being and beyond for all creatures in this world should endeavour to give food. This idea of giving food has been imbibed into our lives since ages to what we refer as Annadana.It cannot be more magnificent than to take up Annadana on the auspicious day of Basava Jayanti, to celebrate Lord Basaveshwara’s birthday on May-05-2018.

Donation page link:

Seva can be done by donating money to Annadana event.
Looking forward for generous donations from VSNA members.
Please come forward to join VSNA family and be part of this divine service to humanity.


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