Dasoha at Family shelter 2012

Dear VSNA members,

Youth committee invites children who are 12 years and above for VSNA 2012 Dasoha event on Nov 25th at the Family shelter in San Jose. If your kids would like to volunteer for this event, please sign up with our youth committee members by Nov 22nd.

Allam Pattanshetty allama123@gmail.com Youth Secretary
Aman Burji amanburji@gmail.com Youth Team Member

All volunteers will meet at one of our members’ house in Cupertino at 9:30 AM to prepare food and leave for the shelter together at 11:00 AM. Only 10 volunteers are allowed inside the shelter home to serve food from 12 – 1 PM and then clean up from 1-2 PM. The parents need to drop off their kids by 9:30 AM and pick them up from the shelter at 2 PM or from our members’ house in Cupertino at 2:30 PM.

Based on number of kids sign up for the volunteer, we will decide the venue to prepare food.

Shelter address:
Family Supportive Housing
692 N. King Rd. San Jose, Ca 95133
408-926-8885 ext. 226

Congratulations to our youth secretaries Allam Pattanshetty, and Aman Burji upon successfully organizing Dasoha event at the San Jose Family Shelter on Nov 25th.

Thanks to Anu Burji and Shobhalatha Pattanashetty for orchestrating this event, and helping kids in preparing food.

Thanks to all kids who volunteered their time for this great cause and thanks to Vijaya Hebbal for making generous donation to host this event.

Click here for event pictures https://picasaweb.google.com/106668099214529596240/VSNA2012DasohaFamilyShelter?authkey=Gv1sRgCK-YrbLPv9blAg


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