Birth of the universe

— By  : Vishwanand Pattanshetty

How did this universe come into existence? People have pondered this question for a long time. There have been many theories put forward and many discredited. Science is forging forward with more and more answers to questions that were once enigmatic.

I want to talk about my favorite vachanakara from the 12th century Allama prabhu’s perspective on how the universe began

Allama is explaining the origin of universe from different angles.

The physical universe that started when the time itself started is called “Adi”. The cause of that “Adi”, by which “Adi” is expressed is the Mahalinga, which is called “Adhara”. Adhara expressed itself as “Adi”, which is bound by time, but Allama is talking about something before “Adhara”. What could that be? Let’s call it “something” and understand further.

That “something’ was not conscious of itself. At some point it became conscious of itself. That self consciousness is called “hammu”. “Hammu” gets expressed as an intent. And then the physical universe is created and then there is an emotional attachment towards that universe. But what existed before the hammu and bimmu is that something.

“Surala” is that which is created which can be perceived by the senses. “Nirala” is something that is created that cannot be perceived by the senses. Before this creation took place there was that something…

Shunya. What is shunya? Think of the expression of energy that puts life in the lifeless body. If this energy is limited to a single body then it is called Shunya. If it occupies the entire universe then it is the Nishunya. Nishunya is the Shiva

Sachara and Achara. All inanimate world is called Achara and the animate planet is called sachara. Before the creation of both of these entities

In the begining there was this paravasthu. From this paravasthu came the sharana and from sharana came the universe

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