Dasoha 2010

Namaskaar VSNA Members,
The dasoha at the San Jose Family Shelter held on Sunday, April 4th was successfully organized because of the enthusiasm and commitment from all our volunteers. We served an Indian meal which the committee members had cooked and brought over and the residents enjoyed. We had a great turn out from our youth group. The children worked smoothly in two shifts under the guidance of Provin and got the opportunity to serve the community. Thanks to Provin Dhawan, our Youth secretaries Dhruva Seelin, and Karan Kurbur and to all the youth volunteers for a job well done.

Special thanks to our food secretary Kalpana Rajendra and thanks to Ila Math, Jaisheela Kandagal, Manu Hiremath, Shilpashree Hanji, Deepak Bevinamara, Harsha Hanji for rallying together quickly and orgainizing. And once more thanks to our volunteers Kavya Kurbur, Rupa Maganahalli, Rekha Shivapa, Sada Hebbal and all the others for helping us make it a success!

Anuradha Burji

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