Dasoha 2010

Dasoha at San Jose Family Shelter:

Our first Youth Group event for 2010 will be cooking and serving lunch at the San Jose Family Shelter. This is a place where  homeless families are empowered to become self sufficient.

We will go over with supplies to cook and serve lunch on  Sunday April 4th, 2010.

Pls sign-up your children who are over 10 years old with one of our Youth Secretaries by Wednesday March 31st :

Dhruva Seelin – dhruva2008@yahoo.com

Karan Kurbur – karankurbur@yahoo.com

The committee members will be cooking and help the children serve lunch.

So pls drop-off your children by 10.00am and you can pick them up at 1.30pm when we are done serving. Dasoha was one of the most important principles Basavanna lived by and this is a great opportunity for our youth to participate and to serve the community. We need you all to support us by making generous contributions to VSNA NC so we can continue to have charity events and provide service to the community.


VSNA 2010 Committee

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